Video Wall Displays

Featuring systems that range from simple digital signage to highly complex command and control centers, Odin’s video wall systems are designed to facilitate critical decision-making. By creating an immersive viewing experience with multiple sources of valuable data simultaneously on a single, centralized platform for increased situational awareness in real-time. With modern video wall displays, you can improve your team’s efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to dealing with potential threats during large-scale events.

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Software-Driven Video Walls

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Monitor single or multiple sites from a centralized location simultaneously to maximize intelligence for rapid decision-making.

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Real-Time Data

Increase situational awareness with triggered alerts in real time to proactively respond to time-sensitive intelligence.

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Facilitate collaboration among teams centrally located or in multiple locations using the intuitive control panel to gain valuable insight.

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Reduce system costs, complexity, space requirements, energy use, and cable clutter with the software-driven video wall platform.

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