There’s no need to stress over event and commercial security technology – with Odin Risk Solutions, you can have peace of mind that your guests and property are safe and sound.

Odin Expertise for Public and Private applications

Event Surveillance
and Security

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All-inclusive video surveillance and security management with an elite team for events of all sizes.

Music Festivals

Sporting Events

Concerts & Events

Parades & Fairs

Commercial Surveillance
and Security

Industry-leading monitoring backed by advanced video analytics to secure single or multiple facilities.

Construction Sites

Shopping Centers


Parking Lots

Surveillance and Security Solutions You Can Trust

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Elite Event

incomparable. hospitable. unforgettable.

Expect a seamless experience with Odin’s turnkey portfolio of event technology solutions.  Our product portfolio is specifically built to cover every aspect of your event, from Arrival, Last Mile, Ingress, Circulation, and Egress. From design to installation to camera operations, our technology-forward approach will enhance your event operations during every phase of your event operations.

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Advanced Optics and
Video Analytics

adjustable. dependable. actionable.

Capture high-tech video with industry-leading cameras featuring robust zoom controls for detailed wide-area coverage of events and facilities. Increase situational intelligence with innovative real-time video analytics featuring custom alerts, notifications, and reporting for incident and crime deterrence.

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Mobile Surveillance Systems

portable. programmable. customizable.

Customize your surveillance coverage with leading manufacturer mobile surveillance systems designed for rapid setup, portability, solar-based charging, and high-tech optics. An Odin risk analyst can help you with an assessment and design a mobile surveillance system solution to meet your security needs.

expert consultants

Expert Risk Consultants

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Trust your surveillance management to Odin’s experienced staff of veterans and law enforcement officers. With our extensive surveillance and incident mitigation knowledge, your event CCTV operation and facility monitoring and protection are in the hands of world-class experts.

About Us

Founded by Special Operations veterans with over 30 years of experience in specialized intelligence and technology operations, Odin Risk Solutions has your event and facility surveillance security covered. After years of immersion in the special operations, public safety, and music festival security space, our elite risk assessment team has developed a comprehensive event management solution combining cutting-edge technology and industry-leading hardware.

With an emphasis on rapidly deployable technology as a force multiplier and a team of security experts, veterans, and former law enforcement officers, we have the knowledge and experience to create and deliver comprehensive surveillance and security solutions.

Partner with Odin today to experience the difference in your operations when combining world-class technology, smart city deployment principles, and professional operators.

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