NXUS Alert

Introducing NXUS Alert, your dynamic sensor-triggered alert system. This cutting-edge solution instantly notifies security personnel of any triggered sensors, providing real-time alerts for swift response. NXUS Alert goes beyond by seamlessly coordinating with CCTV, automatically adjusting cameras to focus on the precise areas where the alert was triggered.

Elevate your security measures with NXUS Alert, ensuring a proactive and responsive approach to safeguarding your surroundings.

Intelligent Alerting

Real-Time Alerts

Receive and respond to incident alerts in real-time with data from multiple sources for unparalleled actionable insights.

Monitor & Control

Through integrated and automated systems you can quickly see critical details that triggered the alert and manage response activities.

Situational Awareness

Access data from various sensors to garner greater situational awareness enabling you to continuously adjust safety and security measures.

Response Management

Quickly allocate resources to respond to the incident thanks to a unified sensor and CCTV map.

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