Video Analytics

Powerful video analytics can bring order to the overwhelming amount of surveillance data. This technology combines state-of-the-art surveillance cameras with sophisticated software algorithms to create an enhanced security solution. With video analytics, you get greater visibility and improved accuracy over manual surveillance processes alone. Video analytics helps your security team operate more efficiently while helping to ensure that everyone attending your events has a safe and secure time.

Data-Driven Safety and Security

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Boost Investigations

Respond immediately to situational changes with increased actionable insights by reviewing hours of content in minutes.

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Real-Time Alerts

Increase situational awareness with triggered alerts in real time to proactively respond to time-sensitive intelligence.

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Advanced Reporting

Boost operational decision-making with extracted and aggregated customized reports to uncover crime patterns.

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Flexible Architecture

Choose from standalone or multi-site, all-in-one or distributed large-scale, on-premises or cloud, and edge and hybrid deployments.

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