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Cobwebs Technologies is a global leader in AI-Powered Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT). Security managers need an AI-powered, user-friendly, comprehensive platform that can quickly extract and analyze potential threats to ensure community and personal safety.

Using an automated platform ensures user’s safety while quickly finding and analyzing publicly available online content to help detect and mitigate threats before they turn into criminal acts. These real-time intelligence insights can enhance situational awareness, ensure operational security and can protect communities and organizations from impending criminal activity.

Digital Risk Protection


Our threat intelligence platform identifies and analyzes specific security concerns, such as new malware and ransomware. We then uncover their connected networks and gauge their ability to take action.

Real-time, Actionable Alerts

We bring real-time targeted, actionable contextual alerts based on data obtained from all layers of darknets. Our threat intelligence investigations safely and anonymously extract intel without exposing your infrastructure to threat actors operating on the internet underground.


We analyze sentiments regarding your company, operations, and key executives according to a topic, location, and demographic. With this data, we can advise and assist with preventative measures.

Situational Awareness
For Crisis Management

Our systems collect data in real-time on disruptions from national emergencies, natural disasters, pandemics, and other disruptions specific to your area of business and geography.

Our powerful web intelligence solution searches and analyzes data of endless digital channels – from open, deep and dark web. 

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