Step confidently into a new era of security, where innovation meets expertise, and witness the unparalleled transformation that sets us apart. 

With Odin Risk Solutions, safeguarding what matters most is not just a priority; it’s a dynamic evolution.

Experience. Expertise. Trust.

Rooted in the unparalleled expertise of Special Operations veterans, and over 30 years of mastery in specialized intelligence and technology operations, Odin Risk Solutions stands as a beacon of innovation in surveillance and security.

Immersing ourselves in the dynamic landscapes of special operations, public safety, and music festival security, our elite risk assessment team is the cornerstone of holistic event management. Strategic prowess merges cutting-edge technology with industry-leading hardware, weaving an impenetrable shield of protection and response recovery for your guests and property.

At Odin, we leverage technology as a formidable force multiplier. Backed by a seasoned squad of security experts, veterans, and former law enforcement officers, our team goes beyond merely offering comprehensive surveillance and security solutions, we are committed to elevating your operational standards. Our commitment to excellence is manifested through the integration of world-class technology, adherence to smart city deployment principles, and the collective expertise of our seasoned professionals.

The Intersection of Technology and Expertise

• Comprehensive Threat, Hazard, and Risk Assessment Plans 

• DIM-ICE model site analysis

• Emergency Action Plans

• CCTV Deployment Plans

• Site Resilience Plans

• Active Shooter Response Plans

• Command & Control Deployment

• Incident Command and Dispatch

• CCTV Operator & Dispatch Services

• RF Network Design and Implementation

• Bonded Satellite / Cellular Communication Services

• Social Media Monitoring Services

• 24/7 On-Call technician services

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