TechAlert, powered by FINDER® Software Solutions, is a web-based application that allows system administrators and authorized users to view the current status and health of their IP connected surveillance, and communications equipment in the field.

Whether you have fixed or trailer-mounted systems, TechAlert monitors all the key hardware and software components within your security intelligence portfolio. View each system’s power, battery levels, solar recharging performance, CPU, modem, network communication, and more.

Seamlessly Monitor System Health

Triggered Real-Time Alerts

Increase situational awareness with triggered alerts in real time to proactively respond to time-sensitive intelligence.

Custom Alerting Capabilities

Monitor unusual and non-standard devices via alert emails and text messages when triggered by an event.

Cost-effective and Proactive

Eliminate wasted man-hours of manual diagnosis and on-site triage at problematic sites.

Improve Technology Uptime

Ensure that your system is online, minimizing the opportunity for data loss.

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