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Sharing of bulletins and reports, and other event security data points is made easy with the Commercial Information Sharing System (CISS) and FINDER® Software Solutions. This platform enables event operators and security officers to document, communicate, and share report information from the event’s private security to participating local law enforcement and agencies having jurisdiction through a secure digital platform.

FINDER Software Solutions allows law enforcement to link and share data sets to uncover investigative leads, patterns, and agency collaboration to information-sharing. With CISS all event re logged and uploaded so they can be searched by event security and law enforcement. CISS with FINDER also streamlines the alert and investigation process with event command centers by connecting other data sources such as ALPR, Facial Recognition, and more.

Integrated, Actionable Intelligence

Create Your Own Bulletins

Create and upload event reports to easily share with law enforcement and other event security staff.

Centralize Your Security Data

Establish a central security data point network that brings together bulletins, ALPR and surveillance alerts, and more accelerating response times.

Accelerate Response

Monitor multiple data feeds from a centralized location to maximize intelligence for rapid decision-making and staff coordination.

Expedite Info to Law Enforcement

FINDER makes it easy to instantly share your event security data with local and national law enforcement to further their investigations.

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