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Odin’s Rentals, your one-stop destination for cutting-edge Public Safety Trailers. Whether you’re securing an event, enhancing public safety, or optimizing communication, we have the technology and expertise to empower your mission. Explore our premium range of systems meticulously curated to meet your diverse security and safety needs.

Options to meet the need

Standard Surveillance Trailer image

Surveillance Trailers

Supports up to 4 IP-based cameras

Telescoping mast to support cameras

XL message board - odin

Message Board Trailers

Powerful LEDs for high visibility

User-friendly, customized messages.

Long run speed trailer - odin

ALPR Speed Trailers

K-band radar options for speed capture

LPR options with video & data analytics

Equipment You Can Trust

Industry Leading Technology

Integrating cutting-edge technology with durable mobility, these trailers feature high-resolution cameras and advanced video and data analytics.

Solar-Based System icon - odin

Solar-Based System

Maximize your trailer run times ranging from 5-14 days with solar-based charging for reliable deployment at any location day or night.

rapid setup icon - odin risk solutions

Rapid Setup

Featuring single-person setup and ease of mobility, you can strategically place these trailers throughout your locations for maximum coverage.

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