NXUS by Odin Risk Solutions can transform your venue control capabilities by enabling you to manage and monitor various sensors from across your entire venue, city, or any designated zone. With NXUS, you can easily control IoT devices, such as waste bins, SOS buttons, gates, and more.

NXUS can also monitor crowd management and traffic flow metrics, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently, all from a single, powerful command center interface.

With NXUS, you can revolutionize your approach to venue management and elevate your event experience.

Metric Data-Driven Safety and Security

Monitor & Control

Streamline your decision-making process by aggregating all your venue data into a centralized system, allowing you to access it quickly and efficiently.

Real-Time Data

Control and monitor events with real-time data from multiple sources throughout your venue for unparalleled actionable insights.

Manage Resources

Efficiently allocate resources by coordinating information sharing and communication across your venue to ensure they are deployed where they are needed.

Future Planning

Compile data to identify insights that can drive future event planning, enabling you to continuously improve venue safety and security measures.

Leading Analytics

Entry & Fence Guard

Line crossing detection

User-configured zones for alerts

Edge based video analytics

Loitering Guard

Motion and time-based triggers

Edge based video analytics

Tracks moving objects and triggers an event

Object Analytics

Edge based video analytic

Classifies humans and vehicles

Runs multiple scenarios simultaneously

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