Facial Recognition

In an era of escalating surveillance camera numbers, it becomes an insurmountable task for security professionals to monitor every video feed continuously. ODIN transcends this challenge by revolutionizing video analytics, making face recognition a formidable force multiplier. Our advanced technology, Odin’s Facial Recognition, outperforms human capabilities by efficiently matching faces in live video against watchlists, enabling security personnel to focus on real-time incident management and respond promptly to individuals of interest.

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Facial Recognition-Driven Safety and Security

Fast &


Detect and match a face in a live video feed in under 100 milliseconds — 3-5 times faster than competing facial recognition algorithms with extreme accuracy rates.



Live video overlays automatically identify anyone on custom or third-party watchlists as they appear on video feeds. Track known threats, employees, VIPs and more.



Instantly alert security when individuals of interest enter or exit. Configure automated responses to detection and recognition events with ease.

Secure &


Leveraging bank-level encryption on all face signatures and images in transit or at rest. Built with privacy by design principles, configurable data retention settings and opt-in/opt-out lists.

Transform video feeds into streams of actionable data.

Capable of instantly detecting and accurately matching millions of faces in real time, even under challenging conditions such as motion, difficult angles, poor lighting, or partial obstructions. The exceptional combination of speed, high accuracy, and low bias ensures that Odin delivers correct matches swiftly across diverse faces, skin tones, and genders, outperforming competitors.

Odin provides deployment versatility, seamlessly scaling from monitoring a few video feeds on a single computer to handling thousands of cameras. A distributed architecture optimizes bandwidth, utilizing edge intelligence for efficient detection and server-based recognition. Odin allows you to add cost-effective face recognition into your security profile.

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