Message Board Trailer

Combine surveillance and security with a configurable messaging display in one of Odin’s Message Board Trailers. Available in three configurations and designed for a single-person setup, these trailers feature digital touchscreen controls, remote message-changing capabilities, and solar recharging battery power for short or long-term deployments.

Deliver valuable information while capturing high-resolution video and or ALPR data for monitoring in real-time or recording to keep your event or commercial property safe and secure. 

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Message Board Trailers You Can Trust

Communicate important information in and around your location while capturing valuable video with one of our message board trailers featuring solar-based charging and various run times to meet your short or long term events.

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XL+PTZ trailer


Highlighted Features

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Messaging & Optics

Deliver messaging with an ultra-bright display onsite or remotely with simple programming, while capturing high resolution video with industry-leading optics.

Solar-Based Charging

Maximize your message board run times ranging from 5-10 days with solar-based charging for reliable deployment at any location day or night.

Rapid Deployment

Built for single-person setup, you can rapidly deploy these portable message boards around your event with ease, for maximum messaging and wide area video coverage.

Additional Features

Solar arrays from 365W to 555W

Keep motorists informed with ODIN.

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