ELSAG® EOC Plus is a groundbreaking electronic
surveillance system for law enforcement that combines
the legacy of LPR cameras with new sensor technology
to identify electronic devices that can be associated
with suspects. EOC Plus syncs the electronic identities
of consumer electronics, like mobile phones and fitness
trackers, with LPR data, to create an electronic fingerprint for that collective data set.

New security datapoints

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Can identify the movements of electronic devices and vehicles, stores data on the EOC Plus server where it can be queried and analyzed to aid investigations.

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Reveals signatures frequently travelling together, which can lead to the discovery of convoys and other movement and travel patterns.

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Deployable with and without LPR’s allowing for a wider deployment while managing deployment costs.

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The system does not analyze or store any content, just the data identifying the device.

Identify suspects through the electronic devices they use.

How a digital fingerprint aids an investigation

As the electronic devices emit frequencies, sensors in the EOC Plus system capture and associate them with records created by the LPR cameras. When an investigation begins, algorithms determine which specific mix of devices are predictably moving together. That specific mix of devices, communication patterns, and plate number—linked by common time stamps—are designated an electronic fingerprint.

ELSAG EOC Plus captures device frequencies emitted into the air. It does not decrypt or capture the contents of the devices or their communications. In the same way, license plate readers capture plate numbers from vehicles, not driver information. Officers, in turn, would need to make the connection between the digital information and any individual.

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