Video Monitoring Station

Take charge of your security assets from anywhere with Odin’s Video Monitoring Station. This compact and portable solution is equipped with advanced features that provide real-time surveillance data and insights from across a venue, enabling you to manage your operations more efficiently. With instant access to a wealth of surveillance and metric data, you’ll always be aware of on-site activities to make informed decisions quickly.

Video Monitoring in the Field

Portable Design

Access video surveillance, command post intelligence, and metric data from a compact kit that can be rapidly deployed from anywhere.

Real-time Data

Gain real-time insights throughout your venue to quickly make well-informed decisions that promote safety and security for a successful event.

Integrated Data

View a range of data, such as camera footage, crowd density and flow rate metrics, IoT sensor data, staff locations, and more, all from a single kit.

Advanced Security

Secure your data with features such as two-factor authentication, federated login systems, granular user permissions and other advanced security measures.

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