Camera Systems

Odin’s robust suite of Surveillance Cameras systems feature the most cutting-edge imaging and video technology from leading brands providing long-range details and intelligent features. With high-resolution image detail and wide area coverage, these cameras boast enhanced activity detection, object tracking, video compression, and more.

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PTZ Camera Systems

Maximize your situational awareness with industry-leading Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera systems for your event and facility surveillance needs. With wide area coverage and incident tracking, Odin has your surveillance and security covered.

+ Wide area coverage

+ Long range detail

+ Unusual activity detection

+ Advanced video analytics

+ Facial recognition

+ Auto-tracking

ALPR Camera Systems

Take your surveillance and security to the next level with license plate recognition (LPR) cameras. Whether you need a fixed, temporary, or rapid deploy system, LPR cameras provide valuable roadway intelligence, including license plate scans, make, model, and color of all passing vehicles

+ Wide dynamic range

+ High pixel density

+ Advanced video analytics

+ Fixed or quick deploy

+ AI-enabled identification

+ IR Illumination

Surveillance Cameras Systems You Can Trust

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Maximum Coverage

Built to provide wide-area views to eliminate blind spots, Odin offers industry-leading cameras to maximize situational awareness for event management and facility surveillance.

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Intelligent Features

Equipped with intelligent features including auto-zoom, audio capture, activity detection, object tracking, video compression, and much more, these surveillance cameras allow you to focus on what matters.

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Optimized Illumination

Designed for low light and in some cases, complete darkness, Odin’s Surveillance Camera solutions feature OptimizedIR, Adaptive IR, or integrated IR Illuminators to provide brightness for optimal images.

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