Odin Rapid Deploy Kits

Real-time intelligence is a crucial component in managing the safety and security of any size event, and Odin’s Quick Deploy Kits put cutting-edge technology right at your disposal, accessible from any location within your venue. These kits offer simple power connections and hassle-free setup, granting you the ability to tap into advanced analytics, evaluate command post intelligence, manage sensors, and much more, all while operating from a remote location.


GPU Analytics Kit

Revolutionize your event management with Odin’s Rapid Deploy GPU Analytic Kit, equipped with SmartCam. With simple plug-in power and a network connection, you can transform your safety and security with the most powerful AI analytics available today. Step into the new era of video analytics and elevate your event management to the next level with a high-speed interface that supports multiple sensors and more. With rapid access to powerful analytics, you can take your event management on the go for seamless event management.

AI-Driven Safety and Security

Advanced Analytics

Elevate your event metrics data including crowd management, parking lot security and more with SmartCam, the most powerful AI analytics available.

Real-Time Data

Ensure a safe experience for all attendees by proactively managing and preventing safety hazards with real-time intelligence data.


Experience maximum safety and security, powered by cutting-edge AI technology, with simple plug-in power and a network connection from any location.

Compact Design

Stay connected and in control of your event with easy access to advanced AI analytics – all conveniently stored in a sleek, portable case.

Video Monitoring Station

Take charge of your security assets from anywhere with Odin’s Rapid Deploy Video Monitoring Station (RDVMS) Go-Kit. This compact solution is equipped with advanced features that provide real-time surveillance data and insights from across a venue, enabling you to manage your operations more efficiently. With instant access to a wealth of surveillance and metric data, you’ll always be aware of on-site activities to make informed decisions quickly.

Video Monitoring in the Field

Portable Design

Access video surveillance, command post intelligence, and metric data from a compact kit that can be rapidly deployed from anywhere.

Real-time Data

Gain real-time insights throughout your venue to quickly make well-informed decisions that promote safety and security for a successful event.

Integrated Data

View a range of data, such as camera footage, crowd density and flow rate metrics, IoT sensor data, staff locations, and more, all from a single kit.

Advanced Security

Secure your data with features such as two-factor authentication, federated login systems, granular user permissions and other advanced security measures.

Unified Sensor Command Interface (USCI)

Odin’s Unified Sensor Command Interface (USCI) can transform your venue control and monitoring capabilities by enabling you to record metric data in your entire venue, city, or any designated zone. With USCI, you can easily control IoT devices, such as waste bins and emergency gates, and monitor metrics like crowd management and traffic flow, allowing you to make informed decisions quickly and efficiently. Whether you need short-term control or long-term metric data, our comprehensive and customizable solutions provide actionable insights that allow you to focus on delivering an exceptional event. With USCI, you can revolutionize your approach to venue management and elevate your event experience.

Metric Data-Driven Safety and Security

Monitor & Control

Streamline your decision-making process by aggregating all your venue data into a centralized system, allowing you to access it quickly and efficiently.

Real-Time Data

Control and monitor events with real-time data from multiple sources throughout your venue for unparalleled actionable insights.

Manage Resources

Efficiently allocate resources by coordinating information sharing and communication across your venue to ensure they are deployed where they are needed.

Future Planning

Compile data to identify insights that can drive future event planning, enabling you to continuously improve venue safety and security measures.

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